Course Table of Contents

The first part of this course focuses on using Docker to set up the specialized TimescaleDB database, and PGAdmin for managing it. TimescaleDB is a PostgreSQL extension, so it has ALL of the regular Postgres functionality plus some awesome features geared toward time series data.

We’ll also set up a Python-based Flask web application as our base web app, in preparation for Part 2, where we’ll add Dash to make it interactive and Reactive.

Learning Objectives

By the end of Part 1, you will be able to:

  1. Set up a Docker network for Docker containers to communicate
  2. Set up a TimescaleDB database with Docker
  3. Set up PGAdmin for administering your TimescaleDB or PostgreSQL database
  4. Explain what time series data is and how it differs from regular relational data
  5. Set up a Python-based Flask web app, as the base for our Dash machine learning app

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Course Table of Contents