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That’s it for Part 1 of this course! Nice work getting this far.

First we created a TimescaleDB database with a special hypertable for our stock price time series data. We also created a PGAdmin web app for administering it. Then we added some stock tickers, and stock prices, to the database.

Next we shifted gears and built a Flask web app to serve as the base for our application. We modeled our TimescaleDB database tables as SQLAlchemy models, to make dealing with them very easy and Pythonic.

Finally, we spent some time building a few Flask “views” for the homepage, registration, and login.

On to Part 2

Now that we have a pretty standard website “base”, we can add and integrate our awesome “Dash” single-page-application (SPA), which uses React JavaScript behind the scenes. That will be Part 2. After that it’s machine learning time, then production-deployment time!

Next: Part 2 - Dash and Plotly

Course Table of Contents